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Siting & Development

TNRE continues to develop several holistic organics processing sites and facilities throughout California and Arizona. We are excited to announce our site in the Mesquite Lake Specific Plan area in central Imperial County, in Mojave, Kern County as well as in Yuma County, near the California border.

These facilities are offering organics recycling solutions for California communities. Each of these Organics Renewable Energy Facilities (OREF) will be large-scale regional hubs, processing and recycling commingled (“mixed”) organic material – hauled and transferred food scraps from your kitchen table, post-consumer foods from your local restaurant, trimmings from your backyard and non-edible packaged foods from commercial or industrial sources.

Collectively, these facilities will have the capacity to produce up to ~ 3,000,000 MMBtu of RNG per annum, up to 700,000 tons of organic compost per year servicing the millions of farmlands across the region.
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Markus Burri

Technical Director – System Engineering

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Director, Marketing & Public Affairs

Jim Philipps

VP, Business Development

Ty Quinn

Director of Accounting and Finance

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